lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

Gender Questionable?

Today, something dawned on me as I was getting my hourly fix of Facebook. I accidentally clicked something to update my profile, and when I did it, I realized the box checked "Female," signaling to the entire Facebook world that I am, in fact, a girl. (Sorry, my Facebook's in Spanish. Mujer = Female).

And after realizing this box was checked, I got a bit offended. Why would anyone question whether or not I was a female? Would anyone need reassurance that I was the gender they thought I was in my picture? Am I butch?

I guess what I'm questioning is the necessity of this box. In what circumstance would you need it? Besides my dogs (friend them, they are literally on FB), nobody I know is remotely close to being a questionable gender that the box is even necessary. I wish I could see one instance in which that box might be useful. For now, the search continues, but I still think the box is another pointless addition from the Facebook team.

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