viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009


I don't think anyone reads this blog, so I guess this post is just for my own personal pleasure... if you know what I mean.  I found this video on the web today and about died/cried/etc.  Here's why:

1. I was beyond obsessed with the Newsies as a young lass.  As it turns out, I am STILL beyond obsessed with the Newsies as a semi-adult of 20 years of age.  It's such a classic movie.  Sure, some parts are laughable, but it really turned me on to the hottness that is Christian, affectionately known as "Christ," Bale.  It also made me HATE that bitch who played Sarah.  She sounded like a man in half the scenes and her singing line was an obvious voice-over.  And no, I'm not a bitter super fan.  So yeah, great thing about this video #1 is that it involves the Newsies.

2. It involves said anger management hottie Christian Bale.  Everyone's heard the infamous freak out by now.  If not, then you need to return to beneath your rock and never re-emerge.  I was obsessed with listening to that online.  I know actors get into their roles (he was filming Terminator at the time), but Jesus Christ, dude.  More than the actual freak out, I LOOOOVED RevoLucian's remix of it.  Both are in the video. 

Check, please.

Here it is, the best thing I've seen online in quite some time.  Thanks, Best Week Ever!!

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