miércoles, 1 de julio de 2009

Pole Position

Now that I'm home from Sevilla with nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs, eat, and cry, I've decided to restart this blog. As the web address states, it's just going to be me talking about, well, life. Yes, that encompasses a lot, but I don't want to limit my rants to anything in particular.

Today I will take a diplomatic turn and talk about everyone's favorite topic, the economy.

The economy is genuinely freaking me the shit out. Let's not mention the fact that I'm one YEAR shy of graduation. It's not right. I am about to pull a Van Wilder on UNC... think I'm graduating? Nope. But really... jobs are few and far between, especially in my chosen field, Journalism.

And ladies and gentlemen, desperate times might just call for desperate measures.

Let me drop an anecdote on you really quick. As a young girl, I always had the same bizarre ambition. Whenever my parents would question me as to my future dreams, I would gaze wistfully in the distance, think for a split second and respond with 100% honesty...

"I want to be a stripper."

Now, that ambition eventually subsided as I moved on to more respectable dreams, like becoming a teacher, or a marine biologist, or a journalist. However, with the economy as it is now, I might have no other choice.

You might be reading this and thinking, "Andrea... a stripper? HA HA HA," but I have been thinking about this for weeks now. First of all, I would have to work my ass off in the gym to get a stripper's body, but I would be willing. I guess you could also argue that I would lose a bit of dignity up there, but you would only say that if you knew me. Also, good to know: I HATE CREEPS. This might be a problem, but there are security in these places, right? The bottom line is the $$$$$ involved. I could make daaaaayum good money for shedding my clothes. If there were nothing for me to do, and I had to choose between loafing at my parents' house or hitting the pole...

You know where to find me.

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